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Going to Africa with New Vision

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For as long as we have owned this business (18 years), we have felt that creating success is more than money. Time after time we have been able to give back in various ways… anonymously or publicly through time, talents and money. Over the past year we have developed a relationship with New Vision Renewable Energy.¬† NVRE envisions a world where it is POSSIBLE for every child to have access to clean light. A very basic and essential need for life. New Vision is partnering with Compassion International to bring solar lights to developing communities around the world. We are Lighting Up The Night for 250 children in this village near Machakos in rural Kenya. Approximately 300 framilies in the Kibera Slum, Nairobi plus, scouting a future location in Kisumu. Solar light will allow the children and adults to breathe clean air to study school work or keep their business open longer at night without the toxic fumes of kerosene.

We are teaming up with New Vision on a trip to Kenya, Africa to capture the essence of this process. Our part is to create a promotional video by actually experiencing these events. I would like to invite to follow us on facebook or through this blog.